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Ten Reasons to Hire Us

Why Hire Our Seattle, Washington, Maritime Injury Lawyers?

1. Experience. Few other firms can match the depth and breadth of our experience in handling maritime injuries, Jones Act, and Death on the High Seas Act cases. The attorneys of Beard Stacey & Jacobsen have been winning cases for injured seamen for decades. Details about a law firm’s record are an important indicator of its ability to take on your case and win. We invite you to review our past million-dollar verdicts and settlements.

2. Results. We have a long record of achieving million-dollar verdicts and settlements in Jones Act injury claims. Any lawyer can suggest that you have a valuable claim — our skilled admiralty and maritime law firm has recovered compensation now approaching 150 million dollars for clients throughout the nation.

3. Knowledge. Because we dedicate our practice almost exclusively to maritime law, we are educated and trained to handle complicated issues involving the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act, and general maritime law. When one of our maritime lawyers assesses your claim and feels that you have a good case, that statement comes from the practical understanding that results from many years of hands-on litigation of maritime personal injury claims.

4. A Nationwide Practice. We are based in Seattle, Washington, but accept significant maritime injury cases throughout the nation. Whether you were injured on a Bering Sea crab boat or factory trawler, a New England cod boat, a tug boat in the Mississippi River, or as a ship's pilot in San Francisco Bay, we may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our clients live throughout the United States. In cases that must be filed outside of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, we associate local counsel as permitted by local court rule at no additional costs to our clients. Because virtually all maritime injury cases are governed by Federal Maritime Law we can put our extensive maritime experience to work for you. We have handled thousands of Jones Act injury cases and our attorneys have seen nearly every type of injury, know how to establish negligence and unseaworthiness, and work with complex maritime laws.

5. We Know About Working at Sea. Our attorneys know boats, we know the maritime industry, and we know what can happen aboard ship. You don't have to explain it to us — we speak your language. There are not many types of injury cases that we have not previously handled. From long lining to seining, from Puget Sound tugs, to Bering Sea crab boats and processors, we have handled thousands of cases for fisherman, fish processors, tug and barge workers, deckhands, and crewman who have been injured at sea.

6. We Take Difficult Cases.We have the experience and resources to successfully resolve large, complex cases, including those involving vessel sinkings, capsizing, explosions, and injuries such as amputation, brain injury, and paralysis. We utilize skills gained through thousands of past cases and consult with proven experts to present compelling evidence of the negligence that caused your injuries and their effect on your future health and ability to earn a living.

7. We Know How To Build a Case. We thoroughly investigate maritime injury claims, reviewing Coast Guard investigations, interviewing co-workers and witnesses, and retaining respected experts in various fields. With the experience gained from a wide variety of maritime injury cases, we know how to develop theories of negligence and recognize responsible parties that inexperienced lawyers may not even consider. From the outset, we assemble and present a litigation strategy that sends a clear signal to insurance companies that we can prove your claim before a jury, if necessary.

8. We Get Fair Compensation. We don't represent insurance companies. We don't accept fast and cheap settlements. We know the law, we know what is fair, and we won't encourage our clients to accept anything less. You worked hard and risked life and limb to gain a decent crew share or honest paycheck. When a boat owner cuts corners on equipment or another employee's carelessness or poor training causes an injury, you need to count on just compensation to secure your financial future.

9. We Are Trial Lawyers. Our experience and records of success leads to settlements outside of the courtroom in most cases. However, if the insurance company and vessel owner are unwilling to offer a fair settlement, you can rely upon our attorneys for effective advocacy in court. We know how to advance your claim by effectively presenting the circumstances of your injury and how it could have been prevented to the judge and jury. Our experience in maritime law allows to effectively and strategically present your case to your best advantage.

10. You Can Afford Us. It costs you no more to hire Beard Stacey & and Jacobsen than other attorneys. You pay nothing out of pocket. Our fees are a percentage of whatever money we obtain for you. If there is no recovery of money damages, you pay no attorney fees. Our verdicts and settlements let you know that we know how to effectively represent our injury clients.

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