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Seattle Lawyers for Alaska Factory Trawler Accidents

Compensation for Injuries in Factory Trawler Fishing Accidents - Seattle, Washington Lawyers

Every year, more than 10,000 fish processors work in the Bering Sea, many aboard floating fish processing ships and factory trawlers where serious accidents and workplace injuries are common.

Fish processors are often unskilled and inadequately trained laborers who have never worked in the industry before, lured by advertisements promising the ability to earn a large income in a few short months.

The Harsh Truth

The truth is that fish processors are often exposed to long hours, harsh working conditions and dangerous and defective equipment aboard rocking and rolling factory trawlers in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean. Long hours of work and heavy weather increase the odds of an injury accident. Crewmen working for even the best fishing companies sometime suffer serious and permanent injuries.

If you were injured in a fish processing or factory trawler accident, it is important to discuss your case with a law firm that knows the fish processing industry, understands maritime law, and has a record of exceptional verdicts and settlements in factory trawler accident claims.

Contact Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen, LLP, in Seattle, Washington, for exceptional representation in maritime injury claims. We have obtained million-dollar verdicts and settlements in deckhand injury and factory trawler accidents claims, including those involving amputations, vessel sinkings and maritime wrongful death.

Experienced Maritime Injury Lawyers

Our attorneys have handled more than 50 maritime wrongful death claims, including those caused by the sinking of the factory trawlers Alaska Ranger, Katmai, Aleutian Enterprise and Arctic Rose. We represented clients who were injured in the fire aboard the All Alaskan and the fire and sinking of the Galaxy.

To arrange a free consultation about your factory trawler accident claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

Verdicts & Settlements

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