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Injured Fishermen's Rights to Benefits

Seattle Fishermen Injury Attorneys

Fishermen who sustain an injury at sea have a different set of rights from people who are injured on shore.

If you are a seaman or commercial fisherman and were injured at work, you have a right to:

  • Medical Care: Your employer, the owner of the vessel or its insurance company must pay for all reasonable medical bills related to the injury. This includes clinic visits, hospital stays, tests, physical therapy, medications and the cost of transportation to and from your medical provider. No deductibles apply. Medical costs are paid until your condition is treated and you have healed as much as possible. You have the right to select your own doctor.
  • Maintenance: This is a daily payment for room and board. Often, an extremely low maintenance payment of $20 or $25 is designated in the employment contract. Our attorneys have had success taking legal action to force the employer to pay a more reasonable amount in maintenance for an injured fisherman or seaman. The failure to pay Maintenance and Cure can result in an award of punitive damages.
  • Airfare: After a seaman or fisherman is injured, the employer must pay airfare back to the place where the employee was hired.
  • Unearned Wages:Fishermen are hired for the season. If one is injured five days into a 30-day season, the employer must pay wages for the remaining 25 days even though the fisherman's injury prevents him from working.
  • Take Legal Action for Negligence and Unseaworthiness: Fishermen and seamen injured because of the negligence of another or because of the unseaworthiness of a vessel or defective equipment have a right to pursue compensation in court for all damages - including pain and suffering, loss of wages and future income, disability, disfigurement and other damages.

Because a fisherman's injuries are covered by the Jones Act and federal maritime law, it is important to retain a lawyer who understands the laws and has experience in maritime injury cases.

At Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen, LLP, our maritime attorneys are dedicated to representing clients who have been injured at sea. We have successfully handled thousands of Jones Act claims. We pursue the fair and complete financial compensation for our clients in every fisherman injury claim. Our years of experience and past results allow us to fairly evaluate your claim.

Our years of experience and past results allow us to fairly evaluate your claim.
No matter where you were injured, please contact our office in Seattle, Washington, for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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