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Seattle Maritime Deckhand & Crewman Injury Claims

Legal Help in Crewman and Deckhand Injury Claims Including the Jones Act - Seattle, Washington Lawyers

Working as a deckhand or crewman on a ship, tug, barge, ferry or commercial fishing vessel is hard physical labor often made more dangerous because of the negligence of the maritime companies that own and operate the vessels when you are injured through negligence or carelessness your are entitiled compensation under the Jones Act.

At Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen, LLP, our maritime injury lawyers represent clients in deckhand injury and crewmen accident claims. We have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients and handled more than 50 maritime wrongful death claims.

Negligence Can Be Deadly at Sea

Lack of maintenance can cause vessels to be unseaworthy, resulting in a crewman or deckhand's injury or death. Working with powerful winches and cranes, heavy cargo, lines under tension, and fishing nets and gear can all cause deckhand or crewmen accidents. Improper training, working long hours on an undermanned vessel, or toiling in heavy weather can also contribute to serious personal injury and wrongful death at sea. Crewmen working for even the best maritime companies are sometimes seriously injured through no fault of their own.

Our maritime injury lawyers understand the rights of injured maritime workers and the obligations of their employers under the Jones Act and federal maritime law. We know where to look and how to establish that a vessel was not in compliance with applicable regulations and how the lack of compliance led to a crewman's or deckhand's injury. Few accidents at sea could not have been prevented. If proper safety procedures were followed.

Saving Money at Your Expense

We know that some insurance companies and shipping companies will try to save money by sending you back to work before you are able to handle the physical demands of the job, putting you and fellow crew members at increased risk.

We will protect your rights. When there are questions about your ability to return to work you may need to be thoroughly evaluated by a proper rehabilitation specialist, to assess whether you are fit for work now or if you will ever be able to return to the work you once performed.

To learn more, please call toll free at 1.866.974.9633 or e-mail our law office in Seattle, Washington, to arrange a free consultation and evaluation of your crewman or deckhand injury case.

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