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Seattle Ferry Worker Injury Claims

Seattle Lawyers Get Results in Ferry Worker Injury Claims

Seattle's roll on/roll off passenger and car ferries combined with the dangers of working aboard ship put ferry workers at significant risk of injury.

At the law office of Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen, LLP, our maritime law attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of Alaska and Washington injured ferry workers, helping them obtain the financial compensation and medical benefits they are entitled to by law.

If you are a Washington state ferry worker who has suffered an injury on the job, please contact our law firm for aggressive legal representation. The initial consultation is free.

Experienced Maritime Lawyers

Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen is one of the most experienced maritime law firms in the Pacific Northwest and we have a proven record of results in ferry worker injury claims.

As members of the Inland Boatmen Union (IBU), ferry workers who suffer injury on the job are protected by federal maritime law and entitled to benefits under the Jones Act. These benefits are more favorable than those available under Washington's workers' compensation program.

Jones Act benefits may include compensation for lost wages and loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, vocational retraining, loss of future earning ability, permanent disability and disfigurement, and the costs of medical and nursing care.

Our attorneys will determine which of the complex federal, state and international laws and regulations apply to the ferry on which you were injured. We will investigate whether the ferry was in compliance with all facets of these regulations. If not, the noncompliance may be used as evidence of employer negligence in your ferry worker injury claim.

At BST&J, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of Seattle's ferry boats and the safety and manning regulations they operate under. This knowledge gives us a finely tuned ability to recognize regulatory violations that can cause ferry workers' injuries.

To discuss your injury claim with an attorney who understands maritime law as it applies to Washington state ferry workers, please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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