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Seattle Lawyer for Vessel Sinking Claims

Wrongful Death Claims: Sinking Vessels – Seattle, Washington Lawyers

No one can control the waves or the weather, but vessel owners and operators can take precautions to protect their boats and their maritime employees from vessel sinkings. The lawyers at Beard, Stacey, and Jacobsen, LLP are recognized as one of the preeminent maritime law firms in the country handling vessel sinking cases and wrongful death claims.

Representing Those Left Behind After Vessel Sinkings

The maritime lawyers of Beard, Stacey and Jacobsen, LLP, in Seattle, Washington, have represented clients whose loved ones died in vessel sinkings because of such negligence as:

  • Lack of training in safety procedures
  • Inadequate access to lifeboats and survival suits
  • Unseaworthy vessels
  • Failure to comply with stability standards
  • Lack of proper safety equipment

We have also represented clients who survived a vessel sinking but were seriously injured in the process. We have received millions in compensation for our clients who suffer from PTSD.

Our attorneys have represented clients in high-profile vessel sinkings, including the Alaska Ranger, Katmai, Arctic Rose, Aleutian Enterprise, Oceanic, Vestfjord, Lin J, Pacesetter, Pacific Apollo and Galaxy.

Building a Case for Recovery

In every fatal vessel sinking claim, we review the Coast Guard casualty report and pursue our own investigation, interviewing survivors or witnesses on other vessels, tracking down vessel maintenance records and analyzing other pertinent data.

We retain experts, in naval architects to pathologists, economists, meteorologists, master maritime safety, to review the evidence and offer expert opinions. Cases are prepared as if we will go to trial.

This level of preparation and attention to detail helps us settle most vessel sinking claims out of court.

Experienced, Successful in Court

However, if the opposition refuses to be reasonable, we are well equipped to argue your case before a judge or jury, where we have an excellent reputation for achieving positive results for our clients.

If you were injured or if a member of your family died in a vessel sinking, please contact us to arrange a free consultation about your case. Having an experienced Maritime Lawyer on your side will maximize your ability to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Verdicts & Settlements

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